• 3030 S Congress Ave,
  • Boynton Beach, Fl 33426
  • 8AM-5PM, Monday to Friday
  • 561-738-6575

We have relatively good roads here in South Florida, but with age and driving conditions, occasionally suspension and/or steering components become worn, leaky or otherwise problematic. If we detect a problem that you've been experiencing, we will SHOW YOU exactly what the problem is, and what's required to fix it. We do that through photos, videos or removing defective components for you to actually see what's wrong.

Once the problem is identified, we will make recommendations on what must be repaired or replaced to get you back on the road safely, quickly and in the most affordable way possible.

For nearly 25 years in the same location, our reputation for integrity and openness has been the hallmark of our business and you can expect the same whenever you come in to us with a potential problem with your vehicle.