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Proper maintenance of your vehicle is vital to its longevity. Oil changes, proper maintenance of fluid levels, clean filters and routine inspections of other systems and components are absolutely important if you are to enjoy years of trouble-free service from your vehicle.

Without the sometimes hefty dealership price tag, our mechanics perform all these inspections and checks every single time you come in for an oil change at absolutely no cost to you. If we find something of concern, we will SHOW YOU and discuss with you what may be wrong and what needs to be done.

We do NOT, and we will NEVER, suggest or recommend any services that cost hundreds of dollars at each oil change interval as the dealerships and other "big-box" service centers do. If there is something your car needs, we will tell you, but only when that need is real - not a mile sooner. Yes, we do perform ALL the manufacturers' recommended maintenance services, but at a fraction of the cost of dealerships and others, and only when those services are actually required to preserve your manufacturers' warranty and to ensure the safe end efficient operation of your vehicle.